Community 101

Looking for info to help you get started in Community Management? Looking for a new podcast to check out on your commute? Trying to find an event to connect you with other community pros? You’ve come to the right place!

What is Community? – Communities assemble to share unique experiences or solve common problems. Learn more about our definition of community.

The Value of Community – Why do communities matter?

The Basics of Community Strategy  – Are you just getting started and looking to build your community strategy? Learn more about the value of community and how to build your community strategy.

Community Examples –  of the best ways to learn is to watch and listen to what other organizations are doing.

Getting Started in Community Management -We consider community management to be both a role and a discipline of general management for those managers and executives who execute on business goals by using a community approach. Find more resources to help you on your journey.


What Is Community?

The word community is used liberally and in different contexts. Explore our definition here.

Value of Community

Why do organizations use a community approach? Communities matter because they help achieve many business goals more efficiently than transactional approaches.

The Basics of Community Strategy

Are you starting from ground zero and need to build a community strategy? Start here.

The Networked Organization

Organizations are using social technologies in many, many ways – and it is starting to change how organizations operate. Learn more here.


One of the best ways to learn is to watch and listen to what other organizations are doing. There are a few good resources for this here.

Get Started

Community management is the discipline of ensuring a successful community. It’s a role that has been around for years but is just now becoming a well understood role for the majority of organizations. Are you ready to be a great community leader?


Check out interviews with community management professionals, the blogs we read in this industry, community management jobs, and how to find us online and in person here.

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