Community Maturity Model

We developed the Community Maturity Model (CMM) to help organizations understand, plan for and assess the performance of community and social business initiatives. Our clients use it both as a community management checklist and as a organizational road map. At TheCR, we use it to organize our research, our curated content and our training services so that our clients can  easily connect the dots and use our research and content in their strategic planning.

Community Maturity Model

This model articulates two concepts required to advance the business of community. First, it defines the eight competencies we believe are required to build successful business communities. Second, it articulates how these competencies progress from hierarchical organizations to those that have embraced a networked approach to their business. First published in 2009, it is widely used today by TheCR Network members and beyond to:

  1. Evaluate and assess their organization’s social and community efforts through gap analysis
  2. Understand the expertise and skill sets required for successful community development
  3. Develop a road map to advance community efforts in their organization
  4. Educate and manage expectations of executives, advocates, and colleagues
  5. Create training for those tasked with working on social strategy and community management

It is also how we organize our research, training, and TheCR Network programming.

See how others in our network view and use the Community Maturity Model:

Learn how we use the Community Maturity Model to help organizations along their social journey.

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