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Are you overwhelmed with information on social and online communities but don’t understand how they can help your organization?

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Is your organization using a social or community approach and you are now faced with organizing, assessing and reporting on those efforts?

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Does your organization have active online communities that you suspect could be more productive but aren’t sure how to get there?

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Rachel Happe at the 2015 Higher Logic Super Forum

Rachel Happe, Founder and Co-Principal at the Community Roundtable, discusses the Quantified Community at the 2015 Higher Logic Super Forum.

In this talk, Rachel demystifies and simplifies the ROI equation for communities - boiling it down to a straightforward formula for calculating your community ROI.

Featured Research

The State of Community Management 2016

The SOCM 2016 provides a snapshot of the progress and changes in community management, based on research of more than 300 communities from organizations large and small, which span a range of use cases, sectors and industries.

Download your copy now.

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Roadmap & Goal Setting For Fall 2016

September 8, 2016

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TheCR Connect 2016: Community Takes Center Stage

October 26, 2016

A 2-day workshop exclusive to members of TheCR Network.

Boston, MA

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Just Because You Invite Me, Doesn’t Mean I’ll Come

By Marjorie Anderson, Community Engagement Specialist at PMI and member of TheCR Network.  One of the many wonderful things about an association having a member-facing online community is that there’s something in it for everyone. Maybe one of the most challenging things about an association that has a member-facing online commu…

Community ROI: Search and you will find it

By Ted McEnroe, Director of Research and Training Community ROI has been a popular topic here at TheCR since Rachel released her "ROI Model We Can All Love" in the State of Community Management 2016. If you need a refresher, it recognizes that a fundamental value of community in almost any use case is tied to the value of the answers…

Friday Roundup: New Member Programs Matter

By Amy Turner, The Community Roundtable You walk into a new place – maybe you have a new job, are a new member of a class, or a new volunteer somewhere. Everyone is gathered in groups, or rushing around and doing their thing. You stand there. Maybe after an uncomfortable amount of time someone comes up, shakes your hand and says, “…

Throwback Thursday: The Ins and Outs of a Community Roadmap

By Shannon Abram, The Community Roundtable If you don't know where you're going it can be a long journey to success in community management - which is why we're highlighting best practices for community roadmaps in this week's #throwbackthursday post! From the basics of why a community roadmap is important, to the best practices yo…

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Bill Johnston suggests a different lens for Community ROI…

Is Middle Management the Enemy of Social Business

A recent article asked this question and highlighted middle manag…

Boba Fett and the Value of Community Hurdles

For the first time, everyone couldn’t just go to the toy store …

Three Reasons Why Executives Should Tweet For Themselves

A few weeks ago I read an article that stated “less than two pe…

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