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If you are involved in community building, one of the things you’ve likely discovered very quickly is that facilitating the growth of a community is less of a deliverable and more of a journey. In working with TheCR Network members, we’ve found that no two organizations are in exactly the same place when it comes to their journey. Some members have very advanced communities that have been around for years, others are just taking the leap from listening to customers through social channels to the beginnings of their community strategy, and others are somewhere in between. Whether you’re Starting, Building or Growing your community, we’ve developed a bundle of services and resources specifically for you.


How do you know which you are?

First check out our Community Maturity Model.  All communities fall somewhere along it.

Second see where your company falls.  Those in between Stage 1 & Stage 2 are where we call “start”, those between stage 2 and stage 3 are in “build”, and those who are past stage 3 but not yet to stage 4 are in “grow”.


Community Maturity Model

Some behaviors that we see at each stage:


  • Finding an internal owner
  • Recruiting executive sponsors
  • Identifying advocates across the organization
  • Starting a listening program
  • Building a business plan and roadmap
  • Auditing your organizational capabilities


  • Developing an operational framework
  • Formalizing governance
  • Deploying proprietary social software
  • Hiring for social media and community specific roles
  • Creating metrics scorecards and reporting templates
  • Documenting response and escalation processes


  • Various education and training initiatives targeted at all employees
  • Leadership training and adoption
  • Process and workflow changes to better support integration with communication networks
  • Changes to HR practices
  • Adaption of corporate strategies

Then compare our service offerings for those in start, build, or grow mode.

More Community Management Resources

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