Community Readiness Audits

Helping You Chart a Path to Community Success

Thinking about launching a community but trying to determine whether you have the right pieces in place to do so?

Consider TheCR’s Community Readiness AuditsSM. The audits are much like our Community Performance Benchmarks, but instead of evaluating your existing community, we look at your current social media, forums and other elements to help you see the strengths and opportunities you already have in place – and the path forward that can get your new community up and running most effectively.

The Community Readiness Audit takes the eight competencies of our Community Maturity Model, and combines it with years of research into the elements that lead into the launch of successful communities, giving you insights into how potential community members might perceive you and your organization, and how and when you can strategically move forward.

Community Performance Benchmark sample Understanding where you are in these dimensions helps you:

  • Assess your community readiness – what elements you may already have in place that you can leverage for faster results
  • Help you clarify and set your community strategy, and develop a  community roadmap
  • Identify potential gaps and unrealized opportunities
  • Plan and budget smartly for the future – understanding your community needs and desires *before* you pick a platform
    Ready to find out more? Contact us to learn how to get started with a  Community Readiness Audit for your community.
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