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The Social Executive Toolkit: Coaching Tools to Help Executives Use Social Media

Over the past year we have compiled The Social Executive research which has produced deep insights into why and how executives adopt social tools and management approaches.We pursued this research because executive support is an increasing barrier to move organizations forward to the next stage of community and social business performance. Having worked with 100+ client organizations we know that executive support is much more likely when they understand how to use social approaches themselves.

The Social Executive research clarified the executive journey, including the triggers and stages required for sustained adoption. One participant praised the research for not only documenting insights but delivering tangible recommendations for how to coach others in a way that delivers real value. This week, we are excited to be presenting this research publicly for the first time at JiveWorld.

We are also introducing The Social Executive Toolkit – a collection of research, case studies, curated content and worksheets to help social and community teams coach their executives teams through the exploration of social approaches in a way that most efficiently produces value. One of the key findings that the research exposed is that the current coaching methods either try to do too much, too soon or they take a tools-first approach. Both of these methods are unlikely to expose the value of using social tools in a way executives can easily absorb and because of that, they tend to ignore or reject the approach.

The Social Executive Toolkit will give you:

  • An understanding of what works, in an easy to communicate model
  • Best practices from leading practitioners
  • Case studies and research to share with executives
  • Templates and worksheets to get you started

We are excited to share this and hope you find it useful in your work with executives. We would also love to hear from you – what have you found works? What approaches have not worked so well?



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