Community Manager Spotlight Webinars

Chris Catania, Online Community Manager at Walgreens

Watch this community manager spotlight webinar to hear how Walgreens is executing their community management strategy. Highlights include a look at how Chris and his team launched their social intranet, The Wall, and how they are using a big red sofa to connect with employees around the world.

J.J. Lovett, Director, Online Communities at CA Technologies

Watch this community manager spotlight webinar to learn more about CA Technologies’ customer engagement evolution and how J.J. and his team have received an honorary minor in platform management through numerous changes over the past few years.

Heather Ausmus, Online Community Manager at Johnson Controls Building Efficiency

Watch this community manager spotlight webinar to learn how Heather and her team use the Community Maturity Model in their work and long term community planning.

Maggie McGary, Web & Social Media Administrator at AOTA

In this community manager spotlight webinar Maggie provides a fantastic framework for supporting and encouraging engagement and provides great advice to any community professional – not just those in the association space.

Ian White, Manager of Support at Rackspace

In this community manager spotlight webinar Ian provided a fascinating look at the culture at Rackspace, shared the guiding principles for their community and lessons learned from their early days, and even gave us a sneak-peek at a new launch.

Hillary Boucher, Community Manager at The Community Roundtable

In our first AMA community manager spotlight webinar we asked Hillary questions that our audience sent in (either ahead of time, or in the stream), but unlike a typical AMA this was not just a chat – we held a live webinar so Hillary could provide a little more color on some of the questions that were meatier.

Patrick Hellen, Community Manager at CloudLock, Inc

When we invited Patrick Hellen, the community manager for CloudLock, Inc to be our October Community Manager Spotlight we knew we were in for a treat. When HE requested the webinar format be an AMA we knew it was ON.

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