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What is Conversation Research?

By Shannon Abram, The Community Roundtablejason falls

Recently, Jason Falls, the Co-Founder of the Conversation Research Institute (CRI) joined members of TheCR Network for an exploration of conversation research. With years of experience in social technology, both on the agency side and brand side Jason developed the concept of conversation research. Even though people may think that this is a new concept, Jason believes community management professionals will be familiar with the premise of his work. He’s simply put a new label on it.

Based on the great discussion inside the Network we put together an infographic highlighting what Jason taught our members. Jason stress to the participants that they should not expect to replace traditional research with conversation research. Conversation research is more of a supplement to traditional research, and a great way to augment what you might already be doing.

Conversation Research - Jason Falls

Members can access the full roundtable report, including three case studies that Jason shared, as well as best practices for applying conversation research and lessons learned here.

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