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Community management is tough.
TheCR Network is your secret sauce.

Community management is an emerging field. Most of your colleagues likely don’t understand the challenges you face – whether you run an internal or external community.

Being a member of TheCR Network gives you access to the support, information, case studies, research and experts that make you smart and – more importantly – confident in your approach and recommendations. That translates into more support for you and your community program.

TheCR Network gives you 24/7 access to resources and community professionals around the world that have faced the same issues you are addressing – and who will help you find solutions.

TheCR Network helps you scale.

TheCR Network is a powerful network of over 250 community executives from industry-leading brands. We are proud of the company we keep and it represents innovative organizations who have a strategic commitment to community approaches.

By working together, TheCR network members scale themselves, extend their impact and grow their community programs.


We believe one thing: community management matters.  

We’ve made advancing the business of community our business. That’s why as a member of TheCR Network you’ll have exclusive access to:


250+ worldwide community practitioners

40+ interactive roundtable calls with industry experts annually

Hundreds of reports, case studies and resources focused on solving community challenges

Unlimited access to message boards, chats, archives and our expert concierge services

Information you can’t find anywhere else. 

TheCR Network is unique. Dozens of active community practitioners and executives use TheCR Network as a trusted resource and sounding board.

Like them you’ll get:

  • Recognition as a leader in the community and digital space.
  • An instant network of over 250 community professionals – doing the same job you do, facing the same challenges you face.
  • Weekly conversations with leading experts in areas that impact community management – leadership, technology, psychology, customer experience, policies, organizational change, learning and development and may more. Check out the Roundtable archive
  • A vendor-agnostic place to ask tough questions and get unbiased answers about platforms, services and vendors.
  • Guided community management training included with every membership to build fundamental skills and take your community programs to the next level.
  • Access to working groups that develop approaches to topics like ROI, training, playbooks, gamification and more.
  • A research library that includes TheCR’s major reports, exclusive member content and hundreds of best practice reports built to solve the challenges you’re facing now.
  • The world’s only community management concierge service – our community managers are here to connect you with the people and information that you need.
  • Discounts on TheCR services and industry events.


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