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Are you overwhelmed with information on social and online communities but don’t understand how they can help your organization?

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Is your organization using a social or community approach and you are now faced with organizing, assessing and reporting on those efforts?

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Does your organization have active online communities that you suspect could be more productive but aren’t sure how to get there?

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The State of Community Management 2014

The State of Community Management 2014 report builds on qualitative early reports and initial quantitative insights in 2013 – helping us learn more about community practices.

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Member Events

Barclaycard Ring: A Business Model Innovation & Community Case Study

September 25, 2014

Jennifer Hitchins (Barclaycard Ring) & Renee Hopkins (Business Innovation Factory)

Assessing and Measuring the Effect of Emergent Technologies

September 30, 2014

Professor Ari Lightman (Carnegie Mellon University)

Public Events

Community Manager Spotlight with Ryan Daye

September 24, 2014 | 2:30pm ET

Ryan Daye and Jim Storer, The Community Roundtable


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TheCR Blog

Friday Roundup: Almost Fall Edition

By Shannon Abram, Relationship Manager at The Community Roundtable.  With Fall just around the corner things are back in full swing here at TheCR. This week I was lucky enough to attend a great marketing event, Inbound2014, held by Hubspot here in Boston. So many of the sessions I attended were great, but the keynotes in particular …

Meet TheCR Team: Jillian Bejtlich, Community Strategist

By Jillian Bejtlich,Community Strategist at The Community Roundtable. Like many community managers out there, I never actually set out to work in this field. By education and the first few rungs of my career ladder, I’m an engineer with a focus on architectural and civil technology. I lived and breathed physics. But after a variety o…

How Do I Convince our Executives to Invest in Community?

By Shannon DiGregorio Abram, Relationship Manager at The Community Roundtable. This is a short and sweet (as in "Sweet! Best practices I can use!) post on one of the most common questions we get at TheCR:  "How do I convince our executives to invest in community programs? Help!"  Through the State of Community Management 2014 we i…

Friday Roundup: 100 Community Jobs Around the World

By Shannon Abram, Relationship Manager, The Community Roundtable. Every week when I post these news and jobs roundups I remark to our team "Wow - there are so many cool community jobs out there right now!" (Seriously, you can ask them - I'm sure I sound like a broken record!) So this week I wanted to focus on a super-sized edition of o…

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A few weeks ago I read an article that stated “less than two pe…

Boba Fett and the Value of Community Hurdles

For the first time, everyone couldn’t just go to the toy store …

Is Middle Management the Enemy of Social Business

A recent article asked this question and highlighted middle manag…

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