Are you just beginning your social journey?

If so, you may be working on one or more of the following initiatives:

  • Finding an internal owner
  • Recruiting executive sponsors
  • Identifying advocates across the organization
  • Starting a listening program
  • Building a business plan and roadmap
  • Auditing your organizational capabilities

Learn why these clients joined us as they were starting out

Nigel Fortlage

Chief Information Officer

Nigel Fortlage

Our ongoing engagement with The CR continues to provide depth and guidance as we mature in our use of online communities and brand building, it is the only community focused group I personally engage with as each opportunity to connect and learn is worth my time.

Lisa Melton

Assistant Vice President, Marketing

Lisa Melton

The reason I joined the CR when I did was because we were redefining our social media strategy and the thought of leveraging knowledge from other practitioners in the field was incredibly valuable to us. For the nominal investment to become a member, the opportunities to learn, engage and network are tremendous.

James LaCorte

James LaCorte

Online Strategist

James LaCorte

The weekly member programs, The Community Roundtable website, and TheCR Network have been very helpful allowing me to make better decisions using the peer group for feedback and leveraging their experiences. In addition The Community Roundtable members love to collaborate and help each other making it a very valuable resource for me.

An example of one organization’s journey at this stage:

While every organization’s journey looks different, at this stage companies typically are using social tools but with little coordination between functional groups and business units. There is also often no formal owner or role to manage the success of social approaches – our research shows that 59% of communities do no have community managers when they are started – and a cohesive enterprise-wide approach has yet to be developed.

Services our clients benefited from at this stage:


Our on-demand Community Management Fundamentals courses:

  • Let you choose whether you want to focus on internal (employee) or external (customer) communities
  • Focus on the strategic elements of designing, building a business case and educating stakeholders about community.
  • Highlight how to define the community and early content and programs to maximize success.
  • Visit our training section to learn more.

TheCR Academy

Start your community effort with our on-demand Community Management Fundamentals courses.

  • Internal and external courses
  • Focus on early-stage communities
  • On-demand to fit your pace
  • Downloadable worksheets
  • Priced for team access

Price: from $495



Members of TheCR Network have access to content and programs not available to others:

  • Weekly Roundtable calls on a range of topics, with experts inside and outside the Network membership.
  • Access to a library of hundreds of reports from past Roundtable calls, searchable by text and tag.
  • Connections with hundreds of community professionals in the Network and the thought leadership of TheCR team.
  • Have a bigger team? We have team discounts!

TheCR Network Membership

Join TheCR Network and connect with the smartest community managers around.

  • Private community
  • Exclusive content and programs
  • Access to training
  • Personalized assistance
  • Team discounts available

Price: $1495



Community Readiness Audits:

  • Look at your current social media and forums as you consider new programs.
  • Assess your community readiness – what elements you may already have in place that you can leverage for faster results.
  • Identify potential gaps and opportunities, and help you set your strategy and roadmap.
  • Plan and budget smartly for the future – understanding your community needs and desires *before* you pick a platform.

Readiness Audits

Our Community Readiness Audit leverages our years of research to jumpstart your community plan, giving you information you need to:

  • Assess your current assets
  • Define your strategy
  • Lay out your 1-3 year roadmap
  • Budget and spend effectively
  • Custom Pricing

    Learn More

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