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At this stage, organizations are starting to see some significant changes to the way they work. However adoption, use and understanding is still quite inconsistent across the organization, requiring another level of leadership and education to truly transform the business.

Organizations are focused on widespread culture and leadership goals. Initiatives often include:

  • Various education and training initiatives targeted at all employees
  • Leadership training and adoption
  • Process and workflow changes to better support integration with communication networks
  • Changes to HR practices
  • Adaption of corporate strategies

Members at this stage benefit in the following ways:

Bill Johnston

Director Community & Strategic Content

Bill Johnston

One of the most critical challenges that online community leaders face is having access to experienced and objective peers- both to seek guidance from as well as to learn from. I joined The Community Roundtable to tap into a network of knowledgeable peers, and after being a member for several years I can't imagine doing my job without them.

Mark Yolton

SVP Digital, Social and Communities

Mark Yolton

The Community Roundtable is the only place I know of where community leaders share best practices with each other and community management is treated like a real profession. Because of the critical role of community to our business, this is an invaluable resource for me and my team.

Misti Crawford

Financial Services Digital and Social Marketing Manager

Misti Crawford

TheCR has been an invaluable resource for me as both a community program director and community leader. Specifically, The Community Roundtable members sharing their experiences, challenges, and industry insights has given me concrete actions that I can take as a community leader to provide additional value to my community members and strengthen the overall community program.

An example of one organization's journey at this stage:

As communities grow and succeed, there is diminishing need to prove the value but it often requires community teams to re-evaluate infrastructure and management approaches and adapt them to meet the needs of a mature community.

Let us help you scale your efforts.


Team memberships in TheCR Network give your community team access to:

  • Exclusive weekly Roundtable calls on a range of topics, with experts from inside and outside the Network .
  • Access to a library of hundreds of reports from past Roundtable calls, searchable by text and tag.
  • Connections with hundreds of community professionals in the private TheCR Network and the thought leadership of TheCR team.
  • All this for 33% off the individual rate if you sign up 5 members.

TheCR Network Team Membership

  • 5 TheCR Network Memberships
  • Exclusive Content and Programs
  • Access to Private Community and Training
  • Personalized Concierge Service

Price: $4,995

33% Savings


TheCR provides custom advisory services for those ready to invest in their community programs. Services include:

  • On-site workshops with community team members or executives.
  • Strategic assessment, gap analysis and roadmap development.
  • Executive engagement and coaching also available.
  • TheCR also provides more extensive custom advising to clients. Contact us for more information about how we can work with you.

Custom Advisory Services

  • On-site workshops
  • Speaking engagements
  • Strategic assessment and gap analysis
  • Executive Coaching
  • Custom Research

Custom Pricing

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Our Community Performance Benchmark helps you:

  • Assess your community management maturity on the same scale used for the State of Community Management survey.
  • Justify or revise your community roadmap to ensure you hit your goals.
  • Identify potential gaps and unrealized opportunities.
  • Plan and budget smartly for the future.

Community Performance Benchmark

  • Custom analysis of your community management
  • 3rd party validation of strategy, operations and tactics
  • Key strategies for 1-3 year roadmap
  • Recommendations to help you budget and spend effectively
  • Custom Pricing

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