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Community Manager Appreciation Day #CMAD

This is not our idea but we think Jeremiah Owyang is on to something with his call for a Community Manager Appreciation Day.  Community Managers have tough and often under-appreciated responsibilities.  They are the glue that often keeps a community from going off the deep end, metaphorically speaking. They are the person who offers and ear, finds a way to respond, and rallies various participant groups.  At various times they act as a librarian, ombudsperson, therapist, writer, trainer, catalyst, evangelist, policeman, expert, or analyst – sometimes all in one day. It can be both incredibly rewarding and incredibly exhausting work. The people who tend to be community managers are those with limitless curiosity about people, a deep desire to be helpful, a willingness to play lots of different roles, and an ability to deal with a lot of ambiguity.

So here’s to all the community managers out there!  If you have a particular community manager in mind, spend a few minutes today to say thank you, take them to lunch, or put a little surprise in their day.

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