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Throwback Thursday – Best Practices Webinars

By Shannon Abram, The Community RoundtableBest Practices Webinar

One of the greatest perks of working at TheCR is access to all the big, beautiful brains on our team. Hillary Boucher has more community management knowledge than you can shake a stick at and even though she is kept pretty busy with her day job (running TheCR Network and our community teams) she took some time last year to sit down with me and share some of her best practices for specific community programming.

These webinars are short, to the point and contain the how-tos for quick wins in your community. Whether you are thinking about revamping your new member on-boarding process or undertaking a community platform migration, we’ve got the best practices to help you reach your community management goals.

Take a peek! Is there a community management topic you’d love to see Hillary take on in 2017? Send it to us and we’ll try to get it on the calendar!

Community Management Best Practices Webinars

Best Practices for Training a New Community Manager

Best Practices for New Member Welcome Programs

Best Practices for Community Platform Migration

Best Practices for Content Programming

Best Practices for New Member Leadership Program

Want more Community Management Best Practices?

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Can’t find what you’re looking for? Drop us a line and we’ll do our best to help you find the community management info you need!

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