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Do you have an award-worthy community program?

TheCR Connect Awards Community ManagementBy Hillary Boucher, The Community Roundtable

Seeing the work of hundreds of innovative and creative community professionals is one of the biggest perks of my job here at TheCR. Not a day goes by when I don’t say, “Wow – that’s awesome!” in response to something a member tells me.

Last year we launched a recognition program to acknowledge and reward the outstanding community work we see every day. I was delighted to present nine members of TheCR Network with awards that recognized their unique strengths and contributions to community management.



This year TheCR Connect awards are evolving into a more formal recognition process. Since there is no way we can stay on top of all the amazing work that our members do, we’re opening up the process and encouraging members to submit award-worthy community work in four categories: Best Design Element, Winning Welcome Wagon, Best Reward and Recognition Program and Outstanding Community ROI. An additional award – The Community MVP will be awarded by nominations from community peers.

You can learn more about each award – and more about the recognition process here. Submissions and nominations are being accepted from April 25, 201717 until June 30th, 2017 at midnight PT.

I can’t wait to see what innovative community work our members submit – and to see the peer nominations for Community MVP!

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