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The Value of Community Management by the Numbers (Infographic)

One of the best parts of this year’s State of Community Management: The Value of Community Management report was that for the first time we were able to pull together quantitative data from community managers.  It’s a great way to understand what is happening in the discipline of community management.

For those of you working in the space, the report was likely full of great information but it is also critical to make your colleagues, managers and executives aware of the value you create.  We have packaged some of the most popular points in a way for you to quickly absorb and pass them along so they can see a snapshot of the value of community management.


Many thanks to Allison Leahy and Crystal Coleman at Ning for partnering with us on this project and putting it together with the talented design team of Jean Hsuehz, Vic Zaud, and Sheena Yang from Glam Media

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