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Announcing The 2013 State of Community Management Research

For the last few years, TheCR has been publishing an annual State of Community Management report, compiling and organizing the best of what we learn from our work with over 90 companies.

This year we felt the time was right to extend that research into quantitative data that community teams could use to have important conversations with stakeholders about strategy, investment and planning. Because the survey was so comprehensive, we are developing and publishing a portfolio of outputs, including our first report – The Value of Community Management – which is now available.

This report explores the question, “What does community management look like and what is the value of community management?”

The key findings include:

  • Community managers are more experienced and less technical than is often portrayed, with an average salary of $65,778.
  • Key factors, such as the amount of cross-functional interaction and size of community teams, are putting a resource strain on community managers, particularly in large organizations.
  • Community management practices and processes that are standardizing.
  • Demystifying the myth of the 90-9-1 rule and the impact of community management on community performance.

Thank you all for your support for this research with a special shout out to TheCR Network Research Advisory Board, who provide their invaluable insights and worked hard to help focus this research on the things that would really help community managers everywhere to be successful.

We truly enjoyed working with TheCR Network members to delve into the questions they sought answers to, shape the survey to meet those needs and then dive into the data to put this report together.  We hope you find it as interesting to read as we did to put it together.

2013 SOCM: The Value of Community Management from The Community Roundtable


If you are interested in participating in future research, get in touch.

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