The State of Community Management Toolkit

For TheCR Network members and clients we work with, research about community management is becoming increasingly important as social business programs grow.  Community managers and their executive stakeholders have a lot of questions about how to make sound business decisions regarding communities.

Our mission at The Community Roundtable is to provide community leaders and stakeholders with research and information that supports good decisions about their community programs. Since 2010, the State of Community Management research has helped the market:

  • Understand the components and competencies of business communities.
  • Build community and social program roadmaps.
  • Compare the maturity of their organization’s community program.
  • Ask questions and explore options about ways to grow your community program.
  • Establish credibility and executive support.

We are excited to make all of this research available as a toolkit.

Preview: The State of Community Management Toolkit from The Community Roundtable

The SOCM Toolkit Includes:

  • The Community Maturity Model, TheCR’s framework for establishing a community program roadmap [Graphic]
  • The Community Maturity Model: Defining Enterprise Wide Maturity – a reference guide that defines how to use the CMM to assess and plan enterprise-wise social and community maturity [Reference Guide]
  • The State of Community Management 2014, an assessment of the maturity of online business communities. [Research]
  • The State of Community Management 2013: Moving Toward Maturity that compiles data and research about the value of community [Research]
  • The State of Community Management 2013: Value of Community Management that looks at how community management contributes to the success of communities, including slides for your use [Research]
  • The State of Community Management 2012 Report that looks at how organizations mature [Research]
  • The State of Community Management 2011 Report that consolidates the best practices related to the competencies in the Community Maturity Model [Research]

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Toolkits are meant for individual use and not licensed to be shared or distributed. If you have questions or are interested in an enterprise license, please contact us.

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