The Social Executive Toolkit

The Community Roundtable’s Social Executive Toolkit accompanies the TheCR’s Social Executive research and is designed to help social and community teams understand executive adoption so that they can effectively coach executives.  Purchase & download the toolkit now.

The Social Executive Toolkit will give you:

  • An understanding of what works, in an easy to communicate model
  • Best practices from leading practitioners
  • Case studies and research to share with executives
  • Templates and worksheets to get you started

Purchase this compiled research and tool set for $299.  For TheCR Network members, this toolkit is available inside The CR Network for $99.  If you are interested in joining TheCR Network you can join now and get this toolkit for free,  Join Today.


✓ The Social Executive Research Framework, detailing five stages of executive adoption and the triggers for each stage of adoption

✓ The UBM Case Study, profiling how executive leadership in UBM’s community program helped build a common culture and enable innovation

✓ 8 Roundtable Reports, exclusive summaries from TheCR Network’s member program curriculum

✓ 4 checklists to frame coaching goals through each stage of adoption

✓4 planning worksheets

✓Recommended resources and reading for each stage of executive adoption

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Toolkits are meant for individual use and not licensed to be shared or distributed. If you have questions or are interested in an enterprise license, please contact us.

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