Community Performance Benchmark

A GPS for Your Community Building Journey

You can lay out your goals, draw up your roadmap – but do you know where you are on your community journey?

  • Are you embarking on a strategic planning and budgeting exercise and looking for an impartial assessment?
  • Have you started your community journey but not sure how to prioritize what’s next?
  • Do you need to have a better tool for educating your stakeholders on what is required to build a successful community?
  • Are you keeping pace with your plans – or your competitors?
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TheCR’s Community Performance Benchmark can help. It provides a valuable assessment of where your community actually stands – benchmarking your management processes and providing you with recommendations. It’s information that gives you the ability to set priorities, make decisions and manage budgets with confidence.

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The Community Performance Benchmark evaluates a community’s management maturity on each of the eight competencies of the Community Maturity Model, compares the community with the communities that took part in our State of Community Management surveys, and makes recommendations for how you can strengthen your community performance. The Community Performance Benchmark compares your community with average and best-in-class communities – giving you a multi-dimensional plot of how you are doing, relative to other communities.

Community Performance Benchmark sample Understanding where you are in these dimensions helps you:

  • Assess your community management maturity – the system that produces results
  • Justify or revise your community roadmap to ensure you hit your goals
  • Identify potential gaps and unrealized opportunities
  • Plan and budget smartly for the future

This information gets you beyond measuring outputs alone, giving you critical analysis from a respected third-party that you can use to build and enhance systems that can drive your community results.


“The Community Performance Benchmark provides an analysis that focuses us on where we are relative to our long-term roadmap and goals, but from an external perspective. The opportunities within the benchmark help guide us in refining our community strategy and investments with greater confidence by focusing on the key specific initiatives.”

-Heather Ausmus, Community Manager, Johnson Controls


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