Community Advisory Services

Are you looking to get a team on the same page about a community management approach? Energize a group of stakeholders and connect the dots from business strategy to community strategy? Or would you like to spend a day generating a community strategy or a community program plan? TheCR Community Advisory services can take any of the following forms:

Community Accelerator Program

Proven, research-backed solutions to start, build, and grow community projects.

TheCR’s Community Accelerator Program is a customized learning curriculum tailored to the specific needs & goals of your community, made-to-order based on research-backed analysis of your community.

Whether you are looking for new approaches, or the support to finish pre-existing projects, this directed advisory program offers community teams the opportunity to mature their practices, focus on strategic wins and make their community program more effective. Learn more.


Speaking and Executive Education Rachel Happe

TheCR’s leadership team – Rachel Happe and Jim Storer – can be engaged to speak on any of the following topics:

  1. The Business of Community
  2. The Path to a Fully Socialized Business
  3. Working in the Social World: Complex Adaptive Systems
  4. The Social Executive
  5. The Role of Community Strategist
  6. The Role of the Community Manager
  7. Community Management Fundamentals
  8. Community Content and Programming
  9. Building A Community Strategy and Adoption Plan
  10. The Future of Community

Team Workshops

These one- to two-day workshops are ideal for companies looking to start their journey, build out their community program or grow a community program that is not yet at its full potential. Sessions can be conducted in person or virtually and are designed to meet your needs. An example of an agenda might be:

  1. The Business of Community Presentation
  2. Strategy Overview & Exercise
  3. Engagement Overview & Exercise
  4. Content and Programming Overview & Exercise

Strategic Advice

Strategic advisory sessions can be beneficial to teams going through planning processes by providing our expertise and perspective. We’ve worked with over 80 organizations big and small and understand how social approaches are contributing to their business goals. A strategy session can be structured with an agenda similar to the following or it can be an ongoing, retained service for periodic feedback and advice.

  1. Organizational needs assessment and goals
  2. Target member profile, needs assessment and goals
  3. Resources: Infrastructure, content and personnel
  4. Gap analysis and risk identification
  5. Brainstorming/Outline development
  6. Wrap-up

Executive Assessment and CoachingJim Storer Speaking

Through our research and client work, we have developed a unique and valuable perspective on how social approaches contribute to strategic business goals and how the use of social technologies can help executives personally. Our executive assessment involves interviewing executives, mapping their perspectives and behavior The Social Executive research and making custom recommendations. Ongoing coaching can be customized to the needs, priorities and time frame of the executive.

Custom Research

Over the years, The Community Roundtable has collected a wealth of research about community management – both qualitative and quantitative – and it provides us with an unprecedented perspective on what works well in community building and what does not.  Our research informs everything that we do and it provides us with the ability to benchmark your organization against our knowledge and database. We offer the following custom research advisory sessions:

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