TheCR Network

TheCR Network is ideal for business owners of community or social business initiatives and their direct reports. We provide strategic, tactical and professional development programming and community manager services for community and social business professionals.

Community Performance Benchmark

The Community Performance Benchmark provides a valuable assessment of where your community actually stands - benchmarking your management processes and giving you the ability to set priorities, make decisions and manage budgets with confidence. For new or planned communities, the Community Readiness Audit is like a benchmark specifically targeted for those just getting started.

Advisory Services

These one- to two-day advisory workshops are ideal for companies looking to start their journey, build out their community program or grow a community program that is not yet at its full potential. Sessions can be conducted in person or virtually and are custom designed to meet your needs.


TheCR's Toolkits are designed to help individuals map out the next challenges in their community journey. These challenges range from laying the foundations for a successful program to organizing, assessing and reporting on their community efforts to truly transforming your organization into a networked business to gaining the knowledge needed to effectively coach executives in social.

Community Management Training

This training is ideal for individuals new to the community management field, community teams wishing to level set around a consistent framework (the Community Maturity Model) and community managers who wish to fill professional gaps and demonstrate expertise.

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