The State of Community Management 2010 – Community Management Practices

A Level Set of Community Management PracticesSOCM 2010 - Community Management Practices

The 2010 State of Community Management is our first attempt to capture community management practices. We organized them by the competencies in the Community Maturity Model – a management framework that articulates the competencies required to effectively manage communities and build a social business – and links high level analysis to very specific tactical lessons learned about how to execute social programs.

It provides guidance that can be used to:

  1. Improve your community management practices
  2. Educate peers, colleagues, and stakeholders
  3. Create a baseline for your community strategy or plans
  4. Identify topics for further research and investigation
  5. Find additional resources

Thank you to our sponsors Fuze Box, Powered and Rosetta who made it possible to widely distribute this report.

The 2010 State of Community Management from The Community Roundtable
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