The State of Community Management

The State of Community Management is our annual research platform that tracks the performance of communities and community management across the eight competencies of the Community Maturity Model. The State of Community Management 2016 marks the seventh year of this vitally important resource for community professionals and organizations, and builds on the insights and expertise of our past reports.


Community managers and program owners in all communities – large and small, internal and external, SOCM 2016 Cover with Shadow Finalpublic and private, and across all industries and use cases are encouraged to take the 25-minute survey, which explores critical elements of successful communities. Survey participants receive:

  • A free estimated Community Maturity Score, which compares your responses to The Community Roundtable’s database of hundreds of surveys, and gives you a sense of where your community ranks on the Community Maturity Model.
  • Access to the full State of Community Management 2016 report on the day it’s made available (expected mid-May).

While the official data collection period for the SOCM 2016 has closed you can still take the survey and receive your maturity score here.

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The State of Community Management 2015

For 2015, the leaders of more than 200 communities spanning a wide array of sectors and industries, completed an annual survey exploring the demographics, practices and results of their community efforts. The State of Community Management 2015 comes in two forms:

A sharable Executive Summary (on Slideshare) that covers the demographics, key findings and evaluation of how communities approach strategy

And the full report, a free download that explores research findings across all eight key competencies, and includes summaries and recommendations that you can turn into action items for executing your own community and social business initiatives.


The State of Community Management 2015 report builds on qualitative early reports and initial quantitative insights in 2013 and 2014, and the learnings of the first four years of the State of Community Management. Each year, we collaborate with members of the The CRNetwork, our community for community professionals, to shape the survey, define and refine our objective indicators of community maturity. and review key findings that shape not only the report but also The Community Roundtable research platform as a whole.

Nearly half of survey respondents were members of TheCR Network.

Inside the report you will find a wealth of data and which supports our three key findings:

  1. Strategy: Invest in people and systems, not just platforms
  2. Operations: Advocacy programs are more than a checkbox
  3. Tactics: Quick wins exist to improve engagement

In additional to the high level key findings, the report includes data, analysis, case studies, actionable insights and recommendations related to the eight maturity competencies in the Community Maturity Model.

We hope The State of Community Management research provides you with validation for your approach, data to support your plans and an actionable tool to help drive your community forward.

The State of Community Management 2015 from The Community Roundtable


Earlier Reports

Are you a member of TheCR Network? Download all our SOCM research inside the Network here.

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The State of Community Management Toolkit includes downloads of all of this research, as well as additional related content for $99.

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