Community Careers and Compensation 2015


CCC2015_Cover_ShadowTiltThis year’s Community Careers and Compensation research, is built upon the framework of the Community Manager Salary Survey 2015. In addition to questions about the salaries, roles and titles of community professionals, we expanded our efforts to capture the skills that community professionals across the spectrum find most valuable, and added questions about where community sits within the organizational structures of businesses, nonprofits and other organizations.

More than 400 community professionals took the survey, giving us a multifaceted view into community programs and those who direct and manage them. This research is designed to give individuals and hiring managers information that helps:

1. Justify investment in community management staff

2. Better align job descriptions for experience, responsibilities, reporting structure, team size and compensation

3. Provide benchmark data that can align compensation with responsibilities and experience.

4. Enable skill assessments to identify strengths and gaps in individuals or teams

We see this research – and the survey it is based on as a living tool — it remains open so we can continue to collect and share data about the careers and compensation of community professionals, and give those professionals a tool to assess themselves and their teams, and improve their community efforts.

You can download the Community Careers and Compensation 2015 report summary by filling out the form below – and to get access to the full report, take the Community Careers and Compensation 2015 Survey here – all participants are given access to the full report.

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