Community Manager Salary Survey 2014

Over the last five years we have watched career paths in community management start to emerge but there is still not enough differentiation, particularly in the ‘Community Manager’ role itself. Too often, title is a catch-all for a variety of community professionals including community specialists, moderators, strategists or directors.

The Community Manager Salary Survey 2014 research:
1. Profiles the evolution of community management roles.
2. Confirms emerging senior community management roles.
3. Documents the ongoing challenges of aligning roles, compensation and responsibilities.

The Community Manager Salary Survey

We’d like to thank Jive Software for their support of the 2014 Community Manager Salary Survey.

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eBook: Defining Community Management Roles

This eBook was created out of the Community Manager Salary Survey research to highlight the emerging roles in community management, with salary and common job description templates for community and human resources professionals.

Defining Community Management Roles from The Community Roundtable


Community Manager Salary Survey Infographic

The infographic below is the first piece of the community management career path puzzle.

Download the infographic “Careers in Community Management” now.

Careers in Community Management

Download the infographic “Careers in Community Management”

Conversation Starters

2014 is the first year of the Community Manager Salary Survey and a jumping off point to a larger discussion about the career path of professionals working in community management and professions requiring community management competencies. The first report surfaces a few of the findings we found interesting but for which there is not general consensus. Join us as we talk about these questions together –

1. What should the career path look like for internal community management professionals?
2. What would a certification model in community management look like?
3. How do community professionals manage expectations and burnout?
4. What factors allow community professionals to successfully work remotely?

Looking to hire a community manager?

If you are a hiring manager or HR professional tasked with hiring new community managers you might not be sure where to start. Here are a few resources that provide a good framework for defining the community manager role at your organization, and finding the right community manager candidate for your team:



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