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Communities Are A Business Priority for 2013: IDC Report and Reality

This year is off to a fast start.  Last month we saw Community Manager Appreciation Day explode across social channels, in person events, blog posts and on video.  Now this month we are reading about and seeing  how organizations are making business communities a priority in the next 12 months.  Even before reading the IDC report containing this graphic, I sensed a shift, as we have seen a big uptick in interest and membership in TheCR Network since late last year.  Since the beginning of 2013, our community for community professionals has grown at a more rapid click than in 2012 and we are seeing a growth in partnership and advisory activity as well. From our perspective, the IDC study got it right.

What about your perspective – are you seeing an increased interest at your organization around starting or expanding community initiatives?

it's about communities

Another finding to note is that communities are increasingly being thought of in conjunction with customer experience and social learning initiatives and we think that’s a great sign for the market generally as functional business owners are starting to integrate communities into their approach – making them a core operational asset.

For those interested in more information on business communities and why community management is important for them to succeed check out our resources and Community Management Fundamentals presentation.


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