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Coverage of the 2012 State of Community Management Report

It is always interesting to put so much effort into a project and feel that you know it backwards and forwards and then have someone else come along and give their take on it.  Sometimes that take matches your own but more often than not their fresh eyes have seen things that you may not have.

The 2012 State of Community Management report was a labor of love for The Community Roundtable team.  We enjoyed putting it together and we enjoyed getting to talk with our TheCR Network members about what we’ve all learned together in the last year and we liked reaching out to the industry and getting their perspective.  And it seems you enjoy it, too with over 5,000 views since release.

Here are some of the great insights others have taken away from this year’s report:

Community Managers are Driving Social Business Adoption by Michael Brito

Community management et niveau de maturité : Community Roundtable 2012 by Anthony Poncier

A Cultural Anthropologist’s View of Community Management from CMS Wire

The State of Community Management Report for 2012 review by Luis Benitez of IBM

Community Management Continues to Mature by Maddie Grant

Thanks also to Edelman Digital, emoderation  and Social Business News for posting about it on their blogs.


We’d love to hear what you think.  Have you read it through or do you digest it in smaller bites?  What have you taken away from the report?

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