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Shannon AbramShannon Abram

Shannon joined The Community Roundtable in 2013 excited to connect with members and spread the gospel of community management to the world. 

Shannon mostly works on TheCR’s marketing initiatives and member awareness programs but loves a graphic design project every now and then. Shannon has helped incorporate more member and expert voices into our communication and works with partners to bring our expertise to bear in helping them to achieve their goals.

Tell us about a community that’s important to you: In another life I would be an English teacher; I’m very passionate about youth literacy. I volunteer with an organization called 826Boston that encourages students to read and write thorough workshops, after-school tutoring and in-school programs. I’ve even taught a cookbook writing workshop called “Cooking for Cryptids.”

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You can ask Shannon about:

  1. Small dogs. She’s a little obsessed with her Cavapoo, Penny.
  2. What kind of smoothie the Loch Ness monster prefers.
  3. Using marketing to connect with people, not just broadcast messages.

Jillian BejtlichJillian Bejtlich

After a couple of years as a member of TheCR Network, Jillian jumped over to the other side and joined The Community Roundtable team in 2013. 

Jillian  loves the intricate human puzzles of communities and is addicted to playing with numbers and data. You’ll find her all over working on strategy, metrics, code and design.

Tell us about a community that’s important to you:  Lithium’s Lithosphere is probably the community the most important to me. It’s the one place where I am the over eager user (who has been totally sucked into their gamification system) and can lose hours learning and sharing my knowledge. It’s interesting being on the other side!

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You can ask Jillian about:

  1. Large dogs. Expect to hear entirely too much about her husky, Yuri, and malamute, Kina.
  2. All things outdoor activity related. Bonus points for snowboarding, rock climbing and kayaking.
  3. Metrics, measurement and data analysis. Don’t be shocked by her nerd glee.

Hillary Boucher

Hillary Boucher

Hillary joined The Community Roundtable in 2011 and is the Director of Networks, leading our communities including TheCR Network — our private peer network of the smartest social business and community leaders around.

Propelled by her love of people and and background in traditional community organizing, Hillary leads TheCR Network community management team whose main priority is making sure TheCR Network is a valuable, healthy, and collaborative space for members to learn, connect and succeed as community practitioners. 

Tell us about a community that’s important to you: I got my start working with local communities and community-based organizations. There’s something about grassroots community that warms my heart. Right now I’m enthralled with GivGab, an Ithaca-based start-up that helps volunteers find meaningful opportunities in their local community.

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You can ask Hillary about:

  1. Why Ithaca really is gorges and and where to find the best waterfalls to visit in the Finger Lakes Region.
  2. Her semester studying intentional communities in the US, France and India.
  3. Common challenges community managers face and the best practices they use to conquer them.

Georgina Cannie


Georgina is a community manager with The Community Roundtable. She works with TheCR clients to design, develop and maximize the value of their community initiatives, and works general community magic wherever she goes. 

Georgina understands how to tap into member motivations in order to connect shared community purpose with strategic organizational goals. Georgina also has worked with community platform development teams to optimize community management principles in community platform design.

Tell us about a community that’s important to you: At the moment I am living in Lowell and have fallen in love with this city. There is a huge amount of innovation, compassion and community collaboration happening here. It can also be very beautiful and cosmopolitan – there are so many canals, artist lofts and public music venues. 

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You can ask Georgina about:

  1. Where she found her dog (hint: it was in a pile of trash in Morgantown WV).

  2. The time she hugged a full-grown tiger in Thailand.

  3. Community architecture, launch and migation, motivation mapping and member engagement program design.

Rachel Happe

Rachel Happe

Rachel is the chief wonk at TheCR and oversees the research, content and thought leadership. 

In other words, Rachel has an opinion about almost everything but luckily doesn’t take herself too seriously so there is room for everyone else’s opinions as well. Rachel works with clients and partners to deliver strategic coaching and operational guidance as well as custom training, research and content solutions.

Tell us about a community that’s important to you: While I’ve been pretty peripatetic as an adult, becoming a parent has really increased my interest in my local community, and I love that it offers amazing conservation lands, a local historical society, an active downtown and wonderful schools. Every year we get a little more involved and I’m finding it really keeps me grounded by providing an alternate perspective and a different focus to the online world I often inhabit.

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You can ask Rachel about:

  1. Traveling and how jet lag is a luxury for the well-rested.
  2. The group dynamics of three-year-olds.
  3. Complex adaptive systems and systems dynamics.

Ted McEnroe


Ted joined the Community Roundtable in 2014 to help us better use data and storytelling to analyze and improve community management.

Ted works to keep TheCR research ducks in a row – hard to do with all the models, frameworks and data analysis TheCR has. His two decades in broadcast and online journalism helps him work and organize our media, and it turns out, gives him a sense of curiosity about communities and the ability to find the best questions to ask. He’s also TheCR’s resident IT guy, and the team member most likely to be testing out the Beta version of some product or software.

Tell us about a community that’s important to you: My entire career has been about understanding and improving communities – and at the Boston Foundation, I became far more engaged in how cities can grow and develop talent and address issues of equity and inequality. I’d love to use my current role to bring together how service organizations and businesses think about community – both sides have much to learn from the other.

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You can ask Ted about:

  1. Minor league baseball. Ted knows far too much about the up-and-coming players with the Portland Sea Dogs, Quad City River Bandits and Lowell Spinners than he should.
  2. Maine. It’s where he spent a decade and is, in fact, The Way Life Should Be.
  3. How to tell stories and use research to derive real impact.

Noah StolknerNoah_Headshot

Noah is our current Community Management Fellow – focusing primarily on TheCR Network.

Tell us about a community that’s important to you: My local community and experience as a youth worker has profoundly impacted my work as a community practitioner and my personal life. As a student at Clark University in Worcester, I had the privilege of collaborating with a diverse community of youth workers, youth programs, and community initiatives. Working through focus groups and community meetings to create and implement a plan to end youth and gang violence in the city has been one intraorganizational initiative that remains important to me. Connecting private, non-profit, and municipal organizations to provide holistic youth services is a challenge only met by Community.

You can ask Noah about:

  1. Who to start in your Fantasy Football league
  2. How dance music can improve your quality of life – health, productivity, and mindset – and who to listen to.
  3. How diverse and growing community spaces and technologies influence the future of business and society.

Jim Storer

Jim Storer

Jim is frequently distracted by “squirrels” while leading TheCR Network, sales, marketing and bean counting.

He loves helping clients figure out the small changes that bring big results with their communities and does his best to keep the team smiling on a day-to-day basis. He’s equally at home behind a computer or in the kitchen and loves cooking up new strategies for clients based on his experience building communities.

Tell us about a community that’s important to you:  I’m passionate about the community in my small New England town. I can often be found on the soccer fields or basketball courts coaching my two daughters.

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You can ask Jim about:

  1. Craft beer. Jim knows a little too much about craft beer and is easily distracted by questions about his favorites within the different styles.
  2. The back roads of New England. Jim amassed an encyclopedic knowledge of New England as the founder and organizer of a long distance scavenger hunt over the back roads of New England. Ask him – he probably knows.
  3. Content and how it can impact community engagement. Figuring what types of content resonate with individual communities can be a tough puzzle to crack, but it’s something Jim is thrilled to tackle.

Amy TurnerAmy_Headshot

As our Sales & Marketing Coordinator, Amy supports TheCR team’s marketing and sales activities with a smile and an iron clipboard. 

Amy’s many TheCR’s hats include sales outreach, database management, content curation/creation, logistics /event coordination and metrics tracking/measurement. Basically – she keep us in line and makes sure TheCR machine runs smoothly.

Tell us about a community that’s important to you: The Fitness Community is important to me, despite my varied and unpredictable involvement with it over the years. What started as a hobby in college teaching group fitness classes led to a 7-year career in my 20’s working for the Reebok Fitness Marketing Team, and now has become my personal escape from reality as a busy mom of two. Whether sweating it out at power yoga, running local road races, or squeezing in a spin class with friends, a good workout never lets me down. I especially find being active and fit within a group setting to be powerful, energizing and motivating, and despite how long of a break I may take from it, my gym and the community always welcomes me back with open arms.

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Three things you can ask Amy about:

  1. Her love for dogs, including her current challenge of training her overly confident, head-strong and constantly jumping German Shepherd puppy.
  2. Her choice to engage in self-torture at hot yoga classes.
  3. Her brand marketing/social media agency background. Up until joining TheCR team, she spent her career working on B2C strategies and campaigns, giving her a unique grasp on connecting and communicating with consumers and community members.
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