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At The Community Roundtable, we are fortunate to work with amazing people and companies, helping them make strategic assets out of their community programs. We have always relied on our customers to help us prioritize and develop our research, services and training.

Our member advisory board is made up of clients and partners who are changing the world of work – both internally and in how organizations build relationships with customers. We couldn’t be prouder of the company we keep. Members of our advisory board include:

Carrie Basham Young

Principal & CEO
Talk Social to Me

Carrie Basham Young is a Community Strategy practitioner with an extensive 10 year background in helping large and mid-size organizations prepare for, launch and optimize their enterprise social networks. She was an original founding member of the team at Socialcast, leading sales, marketing and customer community management programs. As the current founder and principal of Talk Social To Me, Carrie builds proven strategies that help companies create value-driven, human-centric employee social networks. She holds a degree in English from UCLA, an MBA from UC Irvine, and can be found chasing her 6-year old, running half marathons, on the web at and on chatting on Twitter at @carrieyoung.

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Chris Catania

Enterprise Digital Community Strategist

Chris leads the community strategy at Esri. Prior to joining Esri, he led employee community and collaboration at Walgreens and guided other organizations to leverage the power of strategic communication and communities to build meaningful and valuable relationships with their customers and staff. On his blog Live Fix, Chris shares his experiences as he explores the intersection of life, running, live music and the business of building online communities.

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Amy Dolzine

Global Knowledge Awareness Advisor 

Amy is a Global Knowledge Awareness Advisor with Ernst & Young LLP (EY) in Cleveland. As a passionate enterprise social evangelist, she helps build a better working world by creating awareness of and driving adoption of collaboration tools. With these tools, EY professionals can collaborate and share insights, improving client service. She received the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Award for 2016 for her contributions to the field of enterprise social networking and is one of the first MVPs ever recognized for Yammer activities. Amy, who joined EY in 2015, has more than 18 years of experience in marketing communications and strategy, business analysis, information solutions and social enterprise community management. She earned an MBA from Case Western Reserve University and a BA in Psychology from Denison University. You can read Amy’s blog posts on LinkedIn.

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Claire FlanaganMember Advisory Board- Claire

Practice Director, Analytics
Jive Software

Claire provides strategic advice to executives and practitioners on maximizing the value of their internal or external social-collaboration business programs. She brings over 20 years experience in business collaboration tools, electronic communications, web marketing, intranets & portals and modern social business/community tools. She guides customers on crafting effective business cases, selecting high-value use cases, understanding organization change best practices to maximize business impact and identifying key KPIs/measurement models to track value. She was responsible for growing CSC’s enterprise social business collaboration and community strategy to CSC’s integrated eco-system of customers, partners, and prospects and leading CSC’s industry award winning employee social business collaboration community.

Claire Flanagan speaks regularly at industry conferences about social business and has received numerous awards along the way such as CSC Chairman’s Award for Excellence Finalist (2010), Internal Evangelist of the Year (2009), Community Adoption Award (2009). She was a charter member of The 2.0 Adoption Council, a board member for The Community BackChannel and long-time friend and member of The Community Roundtable.

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Lori Harrison-Smith

Project Leader & Enterprise Community Manager 

Lori is passionate about the ways that communities can empower users. As the community manager for an enterprise social network with more than 8,000 global users, she utilizes her writing and editing experience to coach employees to embrace their voices and tell their stories. Lori continually experiments with content and programming designed to engage users and help them establish strong internal networks. And although words are definitely her strong suit, she’s taken a liking to the numbers that are generated in her reporting – using them to highlight the trends that show the power of an internal community.

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J. J. LovettMember Advisory Board- JJ

Director, Online Communities
CA Technologies

J.J. brings over 15 years of experience in online collaborative technology and community building to the Member Advisory Board. He has built many online collaborative communities for both internal and B2B organizations and across several industries. He has used his military background and varied experience to develop a pragmatic approach to people, systems, and collaborative concepts that translates across different industries and environments. Starting at CA Technologies a decade ago, he has played a pivotal role in the transition from in-person to online interaction for the company’s customers and partners. Having helped pioneer the role of online community manager at CA Technologies, he now leads both the community management and operations teams that enable more than 40 online communities and more than 175 regional user groups around the globe.

He is a proud husband and father, an avid boater, an eager novice in the kitchen, and part-time adventure racer.

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Christopher ParsonsMember Advisory Board- Chris

Founder and CEO
Knowledge Architecture

Christopher Parsons is the Founder and CEO of Knowledge Architecture, a software company that builds intranets for architects and engineers. Chris is also the producer of KA Connect, a knowledge management community and conference for the AEC industry. Christopher has been a technology leader in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry since 2002, including serving as the Chief Information Officer for Steinberg Architects and the Information Technology Director for SMWM (now Perkins+Will).

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Monique van den Berg

Senior Manager, Community Engagement

Monique is the senior manager of community engagement at Atlassian. She is passionate about online community, gamification, and cross-functional project management. She drives community projects forward while acting as a liaison among technical, marketing, and executive teams, and manages a range of communities representing hundreds of thousands of active users. Monique serves as the lead for platform stakeholder communication and collaboration efforts, and manages a cross-functional community platform team.  She loves reading, birding and bird photography, traveling, and semicolons.

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