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Community Jobs Round-Up 4/28/17

Best practices for getting a community management jobEvery week we share a list of new community management and social media jobs – usually everything from community coordinators all the way up to director level positions (depends on what we can find each week).

I also wanted to share some of my favorite community reads from this week:

If you submitting for a Lithy, a TheCR Connect Award or any other type of recognition program Jillian Bejtlich shares some great advice.

Do you think community management is on the right track? Marjorie Anderson does and shares her perspective.

Looking for some new community folks to follow on twitter?

Know of a great community opening that we’ve missed? Let us know and we’ll add it to the list!

Best practices for getting a community management job

  1. How Do I Find a Community Manager Job? – Community management is a profession of relationships – use your network to discover your next role. Most community jobs are not currently found through traditional job listings.
  2. 50 Skills of Community Management – The Community Skills Framework represents the five skill families and top 50 skills that are required to build a successful community program.
  • How To Win That Community Manager Job – As organizations begin to increasingly recognize and reward the value of good community management the market for jobs has begun to heat up. While at any given moment there are literally dozens of interesting community jobs open around the country (and truly, the world) the competition for these roles is getting stiffer. How can you set yourself apart?

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