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The State of Community Management 2010

Community management is emerging as a critical discipline for managing social initiatives. From those focused on marketing, to those focused on support, collaboration, knowledge management, human resource development and innovation, community managers are the glue that hold it all together. Yet, most organizations are just beginning to understand how to incorporate community management into their processes and organizational structures.

The Community Roundtable was created to help companies understand and integrate the role of community management into their day-to-day processes. The State of Community Management is our groundbreaking work in aggregating the best practices and lessons learned from our members who have been leading the practice of community management in a variety of contexts – B2B, B2C, marketing, support, and employee oriented.

Our members work in over 35 companies ranging in size from SAP, PerkinElmer, Ernst & Young, Allstate, & EMC to smaller ones like TripAdvisor, SolarWinds, Immaculate Baking, and GHY – provide a rich range of experience and perspectives to share and we are grateful to them for their participation, questions, suggestions, and experience. You’ll hear their collective voice in The State of Community Management and it represents over 180+ years of community management experience.

The State of Community Management is structured around the competencies in the Community Maturity Model – a management framework that articulates the competencies required to effectively manage communities – and links high level analysis to very specific tactical lessons learned about how to execute social programs. It provides guidance that can be used to:

  1. Improve your community management practices
  2. Educate peers, colleagues, and stakeholders
  3. Create a baseline for your community strategy or plans
  4. Identify topics for further research and investigation
  5. Find additional resources

We would like to thank our sponsors – Fuze Box, Powered and Rosetta – who have made it possible to widely distribute The State of Community Management 2010 which was written as a summary of what we learned from members of The Community Roundtable over the course of 2009.

To download the 60+ page report, please tell us a little bit about yourself:

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