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@TheCR Quick Chat with Shawn Morton

I met Shawn last March while on the Innovator’s RoadTrip. He joined us for a beer in Columbus and talked about the innovative work he was doing at Nationwide. We soon realized we had a lot of friends in common and ended up at a lot of the same “social gatherings” at SXSWi. Good times!

During this podcast Shawn talks about what it’s like getting a large organization started in social media, the importance of executive sponsorship and how demonstrating quick wins is a good strategy when you’re just getting started. He also talks about Nationwide’s use of Yammer and how it’s a good first step for people getting used to the power of social media. Finally, Shawn shares the innovative way he works with the legal team at Nationwide to make sure they’re comfortable with how the team is interacting on social networks. Enjoy!

Download this podcast (22 minutes/20.6 mb)


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