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50 Essential Skills in Community Management

By Shannon Abram, The Community Roundtable

We’re going to take a break from our weekly series of facts from the Community Careers and Compensation report The Community Skills Framework 2015to review the the 50 essential skills of the 2015 Community Skills Framework.

We updated theCommunity Skills Framework in 2015 as a means to explore the value of 50 essential skills of community management.This is the second iteration of the framework,which was launched in 2014 as a set of 37 skills in4 skill families. Reviewing the data from 2014 with members of TheCR Network, we recognized that we hadn’t tapped into the full family of business and strategic skills — which we separated into two families, and added a number of other skills that we noted were absent from the first edition of the framework.

In the 2015 Community Careers and Compensation Survey — we ask professionals to rank the skills that are most valuable to their role and surface those skills which carry the greatest value across all community roles, as well as those that are most critical within individual community roles and use cases.

We also see an opportunity to use the framework as:

• A structure for strategic planning

• A tool for professional development

The Community Skills Framework gives community leaders a way to better identify and understand skill gaps and opportunities for creating stronger teams

The 50 Essential Skills of the 2015 Community Skills Framework


  • Listening & Analyzing
  • Response & Escalation
  • Moderation & Conflict Facilitation
  • Promoting Productive Behaviors
  • Empathy & Member Support
  • Facilitating Connections
  • New Member Recruitment
  • New Member Welcoming
  • Member Advocacy
  • Behavior Change & Gamification


  • Community Strategy Development
  • Roadmap Development
  • Policy & Guideline Development
  • Needs & Competitive Analysis
  • Measurement, Benchmarking & Reporting
  • Trendspotting & Synthesizing
  • Consulting
  • Executive Coaching
  • Content Strategy Development
  • Evaluating Engagement Techniques


  • Program Management
  • Business Model Development
  • Budget & Financial Management
  • Team Hiring & Management
  • Contractor Hiring & Management
  • Selling, Influencing & Evangelizing
  • Community Advocacy & Promotion
  • Training Development & Delivery
  • Vendor Management
  • Governance Management


  • Communication Planning
  • Writing
  • Graphics & Design
  • Multimedia Production
  • Narrative Development
  • Editing
  • Curation
  • Program & Event Planning
  • Taxonomy & Tagging Management
  • SEO &/or Internal Search Optimization


  • Systems Administration & Configuration
  • Data Collection & Analysis
  • Tool Evaluation & Recommendation
  • Technical Support
  • Member Database Management
  • Platform Architecture & Integration
  • Technology Issue Resolution
  • Software & Application Programming
  • UX & Design
  • Algorithm Design & Data Manipulation

How do your community skills stack up against this list? Any areas you’d like to focus on for your personal growth in 2015?

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