How Does This Apply To Organizations?

The Networked Organization

Organizations are using communities in many, many ways – from employee collaboration to communications/PR to marketing to knowledge management to co-innovation to customer support to supplier management to recruiting so it’s not possible to share the specifics of all the ways organizations are using social media and community strategies. Best practices are still evolving rapidly (which is why The Community Roundtable exists) but we are starting to see new organizational models evolve, dependent largely on the efficiencies enabled by social technologies.

Organizations build communities to:

  1. Increase the speed at which tacit knowledge is shared, driving both product and process innovation.
  2. Mitigate the risk of communications crisis – both internally and externally – by building a distributed set of constructive eyes, ears and voices.

These presentations provide a look at how organizations are changing as a result of new communications technologies.

Getting Real About Enterprise 2.0 from Acando Consulting

And, our perspective on what is causing this shift and what we need to do about it:

Are You The Red Queen? from The Community Roundtable
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