What is #ESNchat?

#ESNchat is a weekly Twitter chat founded by Jeff Ross, and currently hosted by TheCR for those interested in Enterprise Social Networks (internal social networks for businesses).  The topics covered are primarily of interest to ESN community managers, but anyone with an interest in ESNs is welcome to participate.

#ESNchatWhen is it held?

The chat is held each Thursday from 2-3pm Eastern Time (except major American holidays).  The initial #ESNchat was held on September 12, 2013.

While the scheduled chats are weekly for one hour, the conversation never ends!  Therefore, we encourage you to tag relevant tweets throughout the week with #ESNchat to share with the network.

What kinds of topics are covered?

Each week focuses on a different topic and normally includes 5-6 questions spread throughout the hour.  A schedule of coming chats and possible future topics can be found on the Topic Schedule page.  Participants are encouraged to suggest topics of interest.

How do I participate?

I recommend either of the following methods:

  1. Join the #ESNchat on tchat.io and take advantage of the user-friendly interface there.  Benefits of this approach include:
    • being able to control the speed of the tweets;
    • having the hashtag #ESNchat automatically entered for you in your tweets (easy to forget otherwise);
    • hide retweets automatically to reduce the noise.
  2. Use the Twitter tool of your choice (such as Tweetdeck.com, Hootsuite.com, Nestivity.com or Twitter itself) to view a stream of tweets in real time that contain the hashtag #ESNchat.

Follow @TheCR and @ESNchat on Twitter for updates regarding the chats and for discussion questions during the chats.  Questions will be posted at regular intervals by the moderator during the scheduled chat.  Answer questions, engage in conversation, retweet, learn, and have fun!  This is a conversation by and for those involved with enterprise social networks, so learn from others, follow them on Twitter, develop relationships, and share your knowledge with others who are also eager to learn.  You will find a friendly, helpful community of professionals here!

Have a great idea for an upcoming topic? Want to try your hand at guest hosting #ESNchat? Connect with us!

Are the chats archived?

Yes!  All chats from after October 2014 are archived with a link provided on the Topic Archives page.  You can view all chats from before October 2014 here.

Welcome!  We look forward to chatting with you!

If you’re curious about other Twitter chats available, you’ll find a good list and calendar at The Chat Diary –>

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