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Introducing: Community Case Studies from TheCR Network

By Shannon Abram, The Community Roundtable

The number one request we get from community practitioners is to hear the stories of other people, facing the same challenges they are. And it’s not just anecdotal – our research has shown that while every community is different, data proves that communities with different use cases face similar challenges and use the same community management strategies, operations and tactics to achieve success.

Luckily, working with our members in TheCR Network gives us a front row seat to some amazing community stories – and now we’re going to share them with you!

I’m excited to announce our new series: Community Case Studies from TheCR Network. Nothing makes us happier than seeing our members succeed – and we want to share those successes with you. Added bonus – as our members tell their community stories they are also sharing how they achieved specific successes – and passing along best practices, research-backed tactics, and techniques you can implement in your community today. Each member success story will share their challenge, their goal and the outcome – a true insider look at how some of the world’s top organizations are implementing community programs.

We kick off the series with Getting the New Member Experience Right, a case study shared by member Camilo Lemos, Community Manager at Autodesk. Camilo outlines how the Autodesk community team took on redesigning its entire Customer Support Community, a peer-to-peer platform built over 30 years ago to support their software technology/web applications customers. Definitely, a must-read for anyone facing the redesign of an existing community or looking to improve a support community that is already up and running.

Download your copy of Getting the New Member Experience Right here:


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