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Recap: Community Manager Spotlight Webinar with Chris Catania, Walgreens

In January we kicked off a brand-new program – the Community Manager Spotlight series. This was, in part, to really dig into all the different roles and titles that a “community manager” can occupy. Increasingly, we find our members are doing the work of a community manager, but often without the title. Being a community manager can mean different things at different companies; here’s a sampling of member titles:

  • Director of Community
  • Manager, Social Content
  • Global Community Manager
  • Director of Member Engagement
  • Community Evangelist
  • Senior Manager, Research
  • Associate Business Analyst
  • Social Media & Event Manager
  • President & Chief Social Strategist
  • Senior Product Manager

I could go on, but you get the point. Our goal is to advance the business of community and part of that is advancing the discipline of community management. Over the coming months, the Community Manager Spotlight  series will highlight a different person practicing community management at their company, putting faces to names, and providing case studies and best practices from a wide array of practitioners.

In our inaugural webinar Jim Storer (our co-founder) chatted with Chris Catania, Online Community Manager at Walgreens. In the video below Chris and Jim discuss the community journey at Walgreens, and Chris provides a look at how Walgreens is executing their community management strategy. Highlights include a look at how Chris and his team launched their social intranet, The Wall, and how they are using a big red sofa to connect with employees around the world.

Our next webinar is scheduled for February 27th and will include special guest J.J. Lovett from CA Technologies talking about the platform changes they have undergone in recent years and best practices when migrating communities. We hope to see you there!

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