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The Benefits of Community Benchmarking – Webinar Archive

Do you ask these questions as you do community planning?

  • What’s next for my community?
  • How do I provide community insights to my organization and executive stakeholders?
  • Where is my community budget best spent?
  • How do I help my stakeholders understand what goes into community management?
  • How do I make the case for community at my organization?
  • Is my management approach is aligned with my community approach?

If you’ve asked yourself even one of the above questions then a community benchmark can help.

Watch Rachel Happe, Principal and Co-founder at The Community Roundtable in this 30 minute webinar, where she shares how community benchmarking provides a valuable assessment of where your community actually stands. This is the information that gives you the ability to set priorities, make decisions and manage budgets with confidence.

She was joined by Courtney R. Zentz, Sr. Manager, Collaboration & Solution Center at Ricoh who will share why her company undertook a community benchmark, what they hoped to learn and the results of their benchmark.

A preview of this presentation can be seen here:

The Benefits of Community Benchmarking – Featuring Ricoh from The Community Roundtable


Download the complete presentation and webinar archive:

  • The Benefits of Community Benchmarking featuring Ricoh

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