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Research Innovation and The 2013 State of Community Management Advisory Board

We’ve been investing a lot of our time and resources at The Community Roundtable in expanding our research, in two critical areas:

We are very excited about the research itself because it is revealing not just why to take a community approach but how to succeed using a community approach. This year’s SOCM will also be breaking new ground by collecting data on the performance and success of communities and community management. This data does not currently exist across the market and it will tell us an enormous amount about the maturity of community practices.

However, it is not enough in for us to execute on this research – we feel that we have a unique opportunity to innovate on how market research is done, given our access to some of the best minds in community building within TheCR Network. I’m pleased to introduce our 2013 State of Community Management Advisory Board, made up of a diverse group of TheCR Network members, representing different industries and use cases, which makes their input invaluable as we define what data to collect and how to ask for it.

The 2013 SOCM Advisory Board

 chris  Chris Catania, Online Community Manager, Walgreens
 misti Misti Crawford, Financial Services Digital and Social Marketing Manager, CSC
 jeff esposito  Jeff Esposito, PR & Social Media Manager, Vistaprint
 ted  Ted Hopton, Community Manager, UBM
 James headshot  James LaCorte, Online Strategist, Blue Cross of North Carolina
 jj  J.J. Lovett, Director of Communities, CA
 gail  Gail Moody-Byrd, Senior Director, SAP Community Network Marketing
 maria  Maria Ogneva, Director of Product Marketing, Salesforce
 christian  Christian Rubio, Director of Community, Sermo
 maggie vining  Maggie Vining, ZIN™ Community Communications Specialist, Zumba Fitness

The 2013 SOCM Advisory Board has been instrumental in helping us create a survey that covers the critical data they need to drive decisions while ensuring the data can reasonably be collected.  We will be opening the research survey soon. Please let us know if you are interested in participating or partnering:

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